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Our passion is creating innovative digital solutions for sports events, conferences, corporate marketing events and live TV broadcast and working with our clients to inform, entertain and engage the viewers. 

Come to us for:

  • Creative direction and guidance for your brand, event or broadcast
  • Motion graphic design and live graphics play-out 
  • Stadium & event big screen content
  • Title sequences & brand packages
  • Touchscreen content & apps
  • Animated corporate promos
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Social Media integration for live TV and at events & venues

We are an experienced and committed team of designers, software developers and graphics operators who build, design and play out our graphics to screens in corporate events, TV galleries, stadiums and Outside Broadcast trucks across the world. We work with some of the biggest names in the industry and the reason that our clients come back to us time and time again is because every single member of our team will always go the extra mile to ensure the very best end result.

As a team we are passionate about and committed to the continual development and evolution of our graphics offer, even for the clients that we have worked with for many years, and will always work to enhance the on-screen/big screen/touchscreen graphics to provide the audience with clear, relevant and valuable information and increase the opportunities for viewer/fan engagement. 

You can explore our showcase, with a selection of our varied work, to see examples of what we can do.

Phil Long, Managing Director

25 years experience in broadcast and event graphics. Always looking for the next new thing, he drives the business forward and us mad! Likes: Aston Villa Dislikes: ironing

Adam Rose, Head of Operations

General good guy who looks after everyone and everything & loves an audience!  Likes: Star Trek  Dislikes: spicy food

Vladimir Repede, Head of Technical Development

Just as comfortable planning, designing, building and delivering ambitious projects for global audiences as he is lounging in the sun on a beach somewhere

Likes: Challenges Dislikes: Pickles 

Ed Dobson, Business Development Manager

Loves working with ambitious event clients and usually spends most of his time asking the team “can this be done?” Likes: Europe Dislikes: the District Line 

Deb Long, Director

She inherited the industry as well as a football team!  Likes: organisation  Dislikes: frogs

Thomas Righini Carrington, Senior Motion Graphics Designer

Brings more than 10 years of experience in broadcast graphics and animations to the design team.  Likes: Snowboarding and football  Dislike: Pineapple on pizza?? ...are you kidding me!!

Max Lambert, Project Manager

An experienced and extremely knowledgeable operator and designer with a passion for sport, and always looking for a challenge.  Likes: football, football, football  Dislikes: coffee & getting out of bed

Anousha Tarabad, Graphics Software Developer

There is only one full picture of Anousha on the interweb. Likes: Stats  Dislikes: Having her picture taken

Aran Kharpal, Graphic Design Operator

... and Cinema 4D specialist who spends a worrying amount of time looking at the geography of Europe.  Likes: maps  Dislikes: maps

Russell Yates, Graphic Design Operator

Loves a bit of AR ( not Adam Rose ) Best Laugh in TV 2016 Likes: Hamilton  Dislikes: Fish



Sarah Hagen, Graphic Design Operator

An outgoing op who is always up for a challenge and loves meeting people who love TV.  Likes: Tic-Tacs & Amy Adams.  Dislikes: pigeons & sheep.

Elias Mohamud, Graphic Design Operator

Tallest operator in the industry. Constantly told he should be in the NBA, settled for graphics instead.   Likes: Wings and cheesecake  Dislikes: Cramped OB trucks

Cheri Ransome, Office Administrator

A Canadian girl who is an experienced multitasker and likes to keep people organized. Likes ice hockey and forced to like football. 
Likes: travel Dislikes: cauliflower