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Mammoth specialise in creating high-end motion graphics for your screens. Come to us for:

  • Live TV & studio graphic design & operation
  • Stadium & event big screen content
  • TV title sequences & brand packages
  • Touchscreen content & apps
  • Animated corporate promos
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Broadcasting social media on TV and at events

Mammoth came in to being in 2006 when Phil decided that being a freelance operator doing two jobs a day was not sustainable, and that he needed to grow and expand the business to meet the needs of his growing client base. Since that point we’ve not looked back - the business has grown and we are proud to work on the great shows and events you can see on this website, with such high profile and exciting clients.

The reason our clients come back to us time and time again is because at Mammoth we can and do provide our clients with a complete package so that there is no need to engage multiple agencies – let us look after your graphics requirements from start to finish:

  • Our design team have a wealth of experience to inspire the creative direction of your show or event.
  • Our developers will build the applications and interfaces to incorporate data feeds and other third parties.
  • Our talented Graphic Design Operators are unique as they do more than operate - they are skilled using VizArtist,  Viz Trio and the Adobe suite and some even Cinema 4D and will come on-site and deliver the graphics that will enhance and complete your show, with the flexibility and skillset to design and create on-site with you;
  • With our partner Kenziko, we have created a social media tool, Crowdburst, that connects the audience in real time with the show or event, harnessing the power of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Google+ and more. 

We have many years of experience providing graphics for some of the most high profile sports broadcasts, factual & entertainment shows, whole stadium graphic packages & corporate events – please just take a look at our showcase to see what we do.

Phil Long, Managing Director

25 years experience in broadcast and event graphics. Always looking for the next new thing, he drives the business forward and us mad! Likes: Aston Villa Dislikes: ironing

Adam Rose, Head of Operations

General good guy who looks after everyone and everything & loves an audience!  Likes: Star Trek  Dislikes: spicy food

Deb Long, Director

She inherited the industry as well as a football team!  Likes: organisation  Dislikes: frogs

Sylvain Swimer, Head of Technical Development

Mad keen on all things tech and with the engineering background to go with it, Sylvain splits his time between repairing 90s arcade machines and staying on top of all technical requirements at Mammoth.  Likes: Sega!  Dislikes: breaking things

Max Lambert, Graphic Design Operator

An experienced and extremely knowledgeable operator and designer with a passion for sport, and always looking for a challenge.  Likes: football, football, football  Dislikes: coffee & getting out of bed

Aran Kharpal, Graphic Design Operator

... and Cinema 4D specialist who spends a worrying amount of time looking at the geography of Europe.  Likes: maps  Dislikes: maps

India Belfon-Rose, Graphic Design Operator

Loves a challenge and working with our amazing clients. No relation to Adam but loves being part of the Mammoth family.  Likes: a good cup of tea  Dislikes: octopuses

Yawer Ahmad, Graphic Design Operator

Easy going and loves the buzz of operating in live TV, taking on challenges and learning new things!  Likes: Cricket, photography and shortcuts  Dislikes: the snooze button on alarm clocks... 

James Rogers, Graphic Design Operator

A charismatic and skilful operator who's always keen for a new challenge. Don't let the beard fool you, he's lovely really.  Likes: sports, gaming, all things nerdy  Dislikes: salad, exercise 

Thomas Righini Carrington, Senior Motion Graphics Designer

Brings more than 10 years of experience in broadcast graphics and animations to the design team.  Likes: Snowboarding and football  Dislike: Pineapple on pizza?? ...are you kidding me!!

Claire Selim, Motion Designer

Worked in TV production for ten years before being drawn over to the dark side in 2012.  Likes: Jon Stewart  Dislikes: noisy eaters

Alex Zepherin-Pinnock, Motion Designer

A motion designer who loves challenges and exploring new techniques, with a passion for character animation.   Likes: Sci-fi films   Dislikes: Mr Blobby

Luke Beer, Graphics Developer

A stellar member of our graphics development team, and our resident touchscreen expert.  Likes: gaming.  Dislikes: syntax errors.

Jodaine Moore, Graphics Developer

Tallest man in the company - almost as tall as the stadium big screens he specialises in!  Likes: basketball.  Dislikes: coffee.